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Farm Fresh Oysters, Clams and Mussels

From Our Family Farm To Your Family's Table

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Penn Cove Mussel (3lb)

Penn Cove Mussel (3lb)

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Purple Mountain  (dozen)

Purple Mountain (dozen)

Manila Clams (2lb)

Manila Clams (2lb)

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We bring your oysters and clams to anywhere in the United States within 18-24 hours in cold and stable, FDA approved boxes.
Shipments are sent out every Monday and Wednesday. The cutoff for Monday shipping is 9:00 pm on Friday and the cutoff for Wednesday shipping is 9:00 pm on Sunday

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-   Since 2007 -

Our Story

We began growing oysters in 2004 and quickly fell in love with the land and water that surround our farm located in Seabeck Washington on a fjord known as Hood Canal. Over the years through much trial and error we developed a system to grow oysters in a  that can stand up to the strong winds and difficult environment of Hood Canal.


Our oysters are fresh from the farm,

100% organic and GMO free.

They will stay fresh for 3-5 days.

We deliver oysters and clams to anywhere in the United States within 18-24 hours including our FDA approved packaging and cold stable boxes.


Our Family Farm,

To Your Family's Table.



These folks run a great NW Local business; with premium, high quality, oysters. From start to finish, everything is handled in a good way. Highly recommended.



I had a great experience with WSS. Jaime was very responsive and helpful with my questions. I placed my order on a Tuesday, my order shipped on Wednesday and I received them on Thursday. Absolutely delicious! I will be ordering again very soon.



High quality shellfish at an awesome price!  Friendly staff and efficient drop off locations for Seattle, Tacoma and Portland. We couldn't wait to try the oysters we got today... they are delicious and briny!



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Next Pickup Locations

Vancouver, Washington

Pickup will be October 3 

between 4-7pm

at 3311 NE 44th Street

San Diego, California

Pickup Date and Time

Coming Soon.

Seattle, Washington

Pickup Date and Time

Coming Soon.

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